Visitors’ Experiences

Experiences from Recent Visits

What a wonderful experience at SCOAN. No experience can compare to this. If your heart is truly seeking after God, then SCOAN is a small piece of heaven on earth. For me it was a joy to be able to experience it.

From the moment we arrived at the airport, we were greeted  with smiles “Good morning, you are welcome” by the SCOAN coordinators that were there waiting for us. We were transported to the church safely. On arrival no matter how late it was, the man of God made sure that we had food to eat before going to rest.

Can I just say that from the moment you step on the SCOAN grounds, there are visible signs in  you that your life will never be the same. You feel the presence of God so powerfully; it is almost tangible. You are aware that the presence of God is everywhere. Visitors are given full access to the church for prayer at any time of the day or night. You seek God as much as you want.

We had the grace to spend a day at the prayer mountain. This was wonderful, the presence of God was beautiful. I noticed that while at SCOAN your deliverance, healing  and salvation for your soul can happen at any time, anywhere, from the moment you arrive.

We had Spirit-filled teachings mid-week led by evangelists while we were there. The teachings really helped to prepare and encourage our faith so that we were able to receive that which we came for.

On Sunday, the man of God had a wonderful message about giving. I learned that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. And to have a heart that loves and cares. The healings were surreal, you just see them live, its the incredible power of God. Also we had prophecy and the mass prayer. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thank You, Jesus.

I didn’t want my time to come to an end at SCOAN. I thank God for the grace to experience His power and presence through the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. I am blessed.

Rose, UK

Before I first travelled to the SCOAN in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, I had an image of a rural campsite in mind. To my surprise, the best dream I’ve ever had didn’t come close to what this place was like. From the moment I was welcomed at the airport, I felt like a queen. Never had I felt this important – the care, orderly coordination and attention one receives; it’s as if you’re the only guest around. Regardless your background, you’re made to feel you belong. I saw Love working in the spirit, yes! I saw Jesus Christ in action in this sacred arena.

The SCOAN is a cosmos on its own; touching that holy ground felt like walking the golden streets of heaven; all worries fade away, honestly never have I felt so secure and safe in my entire life. I literally get goosebumps thinking about it. Simply put, the Holy Scriptures come alive! Someone once asked me, “Why don’t you go on holiday instead, spend your money on something better – Italy, Spain or France?” Is there anything that exceeds the salvation of my soul? Absolutely, not!  I smiled and said, “You wouldn’t understand, this outweighs any other priority I have.” I’m glad I made this decision and I don’t regret it, not even one bit. How I desire that everyone sees and experiences the effect this great Ministry has, not just on me but on millions around the world.

Among the many lessons I hold dear from the Bible studies and teachings I received at The SCOAN is preparation for the last day. It may be today, tomorrow – any moment, it could be right now! Nobody knows when it will happen.  Will I make it? It is no fairytale; heaven is real and so is hell. My soul has been saved yet I have a role to play by meditating, studying God’s Word and making it the standard for my life with every beat of my heart. Prior to my deliverance, I used to place so much value on worldly things but now I’ve found a purpose to life and beyond. Had I not encountered this grace, I don’t know what could have happened to me or where I could have ended up. Thank God for mercy and the sacrifice at Calvary! Thank You, Jesus for sending Prophet T. B. Joshua.

This is my testimony – a humbling and real life experience that has changed not only the story of my life but my soul. I pray it will challenge someone to view life from a different perspective, i.e. from Christ’s end.  Many a times we take for granted the numerous blessings we receive this side of the grave; these are only means to help us get to where we are heading after death. Our final destination is more valuable than anything this world has to offer. Are you downtrodden, confused and feel like giving up? There is Hope; Jesus Christ is His Name. By faith, take a bold step and make a life-changing decision that will transform your inner being for eternity.

Visit the Arena of Liberty: The Synagogue Church of All Nations; embark on this beautiful journey of no return, I did. Start with where you are – distance is not a barrier; it’s only a click away at

Lerato, Germany

I started following Prophet TB Joshua in 2015, after watching his YouTube videos. That was the time when God touched my life.

After that, I originally planned to visit SCOAN in 2016. Although I received an invitation from the church I was unable to make it because of various issues like job related problems, family and financial problems. As truly said by Prophet TB Joshua, “nobody can come here ordinarily,” I struggled a lot before I could finally make it.

By the grace of God I was finally able to visit SCOAN in June 2017 and I must say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I stayed there for a week and from the moment I stepped in the church premises I felt the presence of God upon me. While I was there I attended several Bible study classes, which really benefited my spiritual life. The reason I went to SCOAN was for my spiritual upliftment & indeed it worked beyond my expectations.

When I received the touch from man of God, I believed all my family problems were gone and indeed it happened. After the visit I feel the presence of Holy Spirit constantly guiding me and the love of Jesus Christ. Thank You, Jesus.

Animesh, USA

I am so thankful to God for this trip. It was such a great refreshing, inspiring and encouraging time – a time of spiritual uplift and precious revelations. I heard many words of wisdom that are life changing. This trip was one of the best spiritual experiences I have known.  And, of course, it was one of my best New Year celebrations. Celebration of such an event with your brothers and sisters from all over the world is so great!

During the entire time of being at SCOAN we were very well cared for. They helped us and took care of us beyond the call of duty. It once again inspires you to do the same.

Meeting Prophet TB Joshua was such an honour and privilege! I personally experienced what I had heard about before. When you are close to the man of God, you feel the fear of God, a tremulous atmosphere and reverence. And it definitely leads you to a deeper delight and the holy fear of God. Because if the man is like this, with such a spiritual authority, power and with so loving simple heart, then how much more is God? It overwhelms you so much!

Also, I was impressed by the atmosphere of faith which can be felt and seen in the church. It manifests in many details. In words and confessions of the ministers and helpers of the church. In acts. Even inscriptions, paintings, statues (layout and design) express the atmosphere of faith. It inspires you maximally to fill your own life with the atmosphere of faith.

Upon returning home, I have been experiencing a very special breakthrough in my prayer life. I feel a constant inextinguishable appetite for prayer no matter what I do. This is new for me. Before, prayer was more like something demanding discipline and effort from me. Now it is more like an appetite, which I cannot refuse. This is what I like so much. Also upon returning home I keep seeing the SCOAN in my dreams from time to time. One time there was a dream with Prophet TB Joshua, which I believe is a sign of something good happening in my spirit.

I thank God so much for what is going on right now. And I am looking forward to seeing even much more to move closer to Him and for Him to be glorified! Again I give a great thanks to God for such a great New Year gift, for such an opportunity to visit such a blessed place!

Julia, Ukraine

It was great being at the SCOAN, especially when the prophet came out to bless the people after almost one year. Everything was just great. Things were very organized and none of us had complaints. From the very first day until the end we were taken care of very well.

Going to the prayer mountain on the 1st of January was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. We started the year with hope. The prayer line experience was amazing! The best thing about visiting SCOAN is that you can literally feel the presence of God 24/7. The church is open day and night and we could go in and spend time with God anytime.

The New Year party was great. We loved the food as well. The volunteers were always there to help. We were well received and we felt very loved at the church. The Sunday service was just too powerful and everything was organized and managed well. We could see that the volunteers working at the church were well trained by the prophet by the grace of God.

Thanks to all of you for coordinating and making this trip a wonderful one. We would always love to come back and spend more time at the SCOAN. We look forward to come back soon.

Milly, Switzerland